Derek's favorite position had been goalie at this point. Now he prefers being a forward.
Heidi and Bethany holding pie pumpkins from our garden in Cameroon. Obviously, this was taken a long time ago!
Bethany and Kristoffer near Haystack rock at sunset.
This is Mt Freemont, which is a peak near to Mt Rainier. We hiked up there when visiting Bethany and Kristoffer.
This is what the path was like on the way up to the peak of Mt Freemont.
A friend who shared a snack with us at Snow Lake, near Mt Rainier.
Bug Eye
This is the eye of a deer fly, GREATLY magnified!
A Cameroon moth
A Night Lily from our Cameroon garden
BullsEye! After many years of practice at the range I can now consistently hit the bullseye at 100 yds. The small holes are 17 HMR from a Marlin 917. The larger "hole" is actually three shots in one hole 30-06 from a Browning A-Bolt. I can consistently hit in the first ring with 223 at 200 yds as well. Practice makes perfect!   If you right click some of these images and choose "View Image" you will see a slightly higher resolution version.