of our Family, Friends, and Pets

These are a collection of photos from the past 20 years.

These are thumbnails, linked to the original. If you want to see greater detail then click the photo.

Heidi in in Mararaba, Cameroon
Bethany holding Derek when he was born
Derek, a few weeks old
Derek, about 2 yrs old in Garoua Boulai, Cameroon
A Magistral monkey on our station, they loved eating our roses!
That's me, when I worked in the 'bush' in Cameroon!
I don`t look anything like this any more! When I travelled alone the police at the highway check points would often call me "father", thinking that I was catholic because of the big beard. See the notepad in the pocket? I was constantly learning new Gbaya words and writing them down.
Bouba David was my dear friend and coworker at the Bible School for 12 years. He died of a massive heart attack just 2 months after we left Cameroon. He had a phenomenal heart of compassion and understanding. I learned how to be Gbaya from him.
Enoch, an elder in Mararaba when we lived in the bush.
Jean, one of the kids of Mararaba. He often came over to play with our kids.
Taken with my cell phone last year on my way home from Seattle